I have 2 amazing children that are now 15 and 10. As the kids grew up, their exposure to technology grew also. Both me and my husband are working in tech fields and we understand the benefits of building tech skills that they will need for their future. But equally we understand that screen time needs to be managed carefully as it is very addictive.

For the first years we developed schedules of tech exposure, allowing limited time, excluded week days and use only in weekends, limiting access to certain apps.

It was progressing well until 2020 started and we found ourselves locked down at home, with 0 interaction opportunities with other friends and family. And with all our great intentions and involvement things started to spin out of control.

At the end of 2020 I realized it was serious time to act! My youngest started being defocused on anything that was school or family interaction, started being sad and moody, we began having fights on even trying to limit phone at 4h a day!!!

True that being 10 years is in itself a change moment in a child development. But this is just another reason that I could not afford to loose connection and allow to continue without doing nothing.

I tried many things, read many books, talked with friends and family… one day I was listening to a podcast and all my research finally connected in my brain and an idea started developing. We, me and my daughter, have developed a framework together, practice it for 2 months and I have my kid back!! The positive effects are incredible… she is happy, feels fulfilled and empowered, the school is back on track… even her teacher recognized the changes and was so happy!!

This is our solution…