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From 5 to 14 years – create opportunities for your kids to develop a healthy and happy life! Effort free for you.

Know & Grow a Happy Kid


What you can find here are simple explanations on complex topics around child development and soft skills building.

We have written the book to be read by parents together with their children. We wanted to create a ‘tool’ you have together to start discovering the fascinating world of human mind, from how the brain works to how mindsets and habits are formed. It can also become a guide of daily activities you can do to bring the benefits of this knowledge into your child life, easier and with fun

Why start?

Create treasures in your child’s life

What is the benefit for you and your children of starting today with the Help Kids Pro technique?


Healthy habits

Habits are easy to acquire and very hard to change.
Let’s build some empowering ones!

Fun development

Let your kids enjoy themselves while you challenge them to grow personally!                             

Healthy body

Outdoor activities, healthy eating habits, good sleep hygiene… are essential to stay healthy. 


Observe the first results on average within 2 to 4 weeks and reduce their screen time exposure by 50%

Self confidence

Realizing the daily progress on their goals, is boosting kids’ self-confidence. Everything becomes possible!

Skills and mind-set

Help them adopt beneficial skills like focusing, socializing, decision-making, critical thinking and more.

Healthy emotions

Through practicing meditation and mindfulness your kids learn to regulate their emotions and build resilience.


Let them re-discover happiness in each small step. Ready to try?                                                    

Expert techniques for you, the cool parent

We do not know you yet, but we, the team behind Help Kids, love when our children appreciate our coolness. We thrive on those moments when we bring a new technique to them that changes their life for the better and they appreciate us for it! …we acknowledge it’s not instant gratification we are receiving but that’s OK, we also develop patience along them!

Adapted to your kid

Each child is unique and we respect their pace, passions and development needs

Help Kids PRO guides you to build an appropriate plan according to your child’s age, passions, rhythm of learning and development needs. And we strive to make this as easy as possible for you through our technique and templates.

Each day becomes a new opportunity for growth

It’s OK if today was hard, tomorrow is bringing new opportunities to grow

Give your child daily opportunities through new activities to do the things they love. Acknowledge and celebrate their little and big achievements together. Stay flexible and adapt the technique to your days and rhythms.

Achieve your goals

Celebrate each day!

No matter if you wish to reduce the screen time exposure, empower your children for life, help them develop useful future skills or to create opportunities for them to grow healthy and be happy, Help Kids PRO is built for you to achieve your goals!

” My girl felt empowered and happier

With Help Kids PRO technique, I helped my girl to feel empowered and in control to manage her day and priorities. As a result, she reduced screen time by 50% after two weeks. She was clearly so much happier when she recorded her daily achievements each evening. I am SOOO excited as I have my happy kid back!

Andra, Nati’s mother


How do I know I need Help Kids PRO?

Do you think more than twice a day that your children spend too much time on phones, TVs or game consoles? 

Do you want to create daily opportunities for them to grow but feel lost on how to progress?

If YES, then Help Kids PRO is for you! 

How much screen time is too much?

5y – 8y old: more than 1h/day 

9y – 11y old: more than 2h/day

12y+ old: more than 2.5h/day

What activities can my children do on their own?

 Oh, we have so many cool, fun and useful ideas we want to share with you! There are plenty of templates for each age.

How can I start?

Go to Solution and see the offers or Contact us and you will be the first one to receive the Help Kids PRO toolkit, for free (first 33). 

How can I check the screen time?

Smart phones – screen time features in settings. TVs and consoles with smart power plugs. We are working on a detailed post about this.

Can I really empower my children?

YES! It is something we trust you will find easy with our help. And in the process, you might learn some new things about your inner power too!

Are you saying screen time is bad?

NO, we are technology fans, there are many positive things it brings into our lives. We advocate for a responsible usage paired with valuable development.

Free Content

Useful information and latest research on screen time, technology for children and so much more.

Easy to use

Templates ready to use

Step-by-step guide

Age appropriate program and activities to empower your child to manage screen time better and grow personally – and for you to be the coolest parent.

Help Kids PRO

Customized program according to your child’s age, interests and developmental rhythm. Infographics to make your children love HKPRO.

Insights from Developmental Psychology.

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